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Almost party time “you all”

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Good news everyone! We finally received our bulk order of party hats and cowboy boot mugs!

We’re Back!

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President Tedwardson welcomes you!

President Tedwardson welcomes you!

We were always coming back.

Hey guess what everyone!? Remember how way back in the year 2011 we had an awesome blog and it was called the Brambleberry Tipsycake Initiative? But then evil railroad tycoon domain registrars took away from us and gave it to some extremely mediocre fashion blogger in England? No, you say? You didn’t even know that Brambleberry was a thing back in 2011? You were not even born in 2011 (Jasso)? Well, look, we got it back!

So a while back I noticed that the mediocre fashion blog that had been using the domain stopped updating, and then the domain was parked at one of those terrible secret tip for loosing belly fat sites for a while and I figured it was only a matter of time until it switched hands again so I employed secret agents in the form of a public backorder to see about getting it back. was originally registered by the Original Founders of Brambleberry Manor in the far off year of 2000 or maybe 2001. They sat on the domain for about ten years without doing anything with it and in 2010 or so we decided to start this blog. In its heyday it was a vibrant community full of rallying cries for and against duxploitaiton, entertaining and educational “Where’s Paladin” search and finds, party announcements, interviews, cocktail recipes, and even live chat with a resident feature!

The blog is arranged in a series of corners, such as Kitchen Corner for cooking and such, Kitty Korner for news about cats, and Adventure Corner where we can post about our various adventures. I’ve added a new “Alumni Corner” in the hopes that we can welcome Bramblebarrians past to join in the fun and keep in touch. Seeing as how Liv and I are moving out in a couple weeks I thought that would be a nice way to stay connected. Hopefully we can get some other past residents to join in too.

Let me know if you’d like me to set you up with a username so you can get started with your own posts. If you don’t want to play that’s fine too. Let’s just keep it free of complaints about dirty dishes.


The Bar Aquarium Needs a New Light

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The Bar Aquarium’s light is on its last legs. It’s probably about six years old and has been finicky for the past two. Right now two of the four bulbs are not turning on at all. I have tried swapping in new bulbs but to no effect. I’d like to get a fancy new LED fixture for it. These started coming onto the market a couple of years ago but were terribly expensive. Now the price has come down considerably. I’d like to get this 18-24″ fixture from Dr.s Foster and Smith:


While we all know that LEDs are not the magic free light for no electricity devices we were all led to believe they were back in the aughts, they are actually rather more efficient than the T5 fluorescent fixture ever was. 21 Watts of LED lighting in this 18-24″ fixture will produce almost twice as much light as the current 96 Watt T5 fixture did when it was fully functional. I’m putting $50 towards the total cost of $153. I know not everyone can or wants to put any money towards this, so don’t feel any pressure, but I also think that a lot of people appreciate the aquariums and would like to see them stay healthy and happy. Use the widget to the above right to donate.

Gather ‘Round for Pee Stories Children

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Kat got away with peeing in her pants in a field while playing hide and seek during a rain storm while in the third grade. Nobody found her out until tonight.

Adam likes to read the Far Side in the bathroom. In the past, he theorizes that we all had more relaxed sphincter.

Kat is glad she doesn’t have anal leakage.

If Adam is having anal sex with someone he probably knows they have a good diet.

Laurel supposes that having a good diet is a good way to gain Adam’s attention re: anal sex.

Liv one peed through two feet of snow and made a hole all the way down.

Celing cats

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That cat Maya likes to get high. I found her in the ceiling in the closet of my studio.

Liv needs to be driven around

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And she likes bacon.

Hey look now we cam use our space phones to make blog posts!!!

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Oh hey look you guys! Total space phone blog updating.

Melinda, you owe us.

Happy Robonukkah!

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What the Hell You Guys

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Party Pictures!

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Oh hey I took some pictures at that party we had and then forgot about them until I found them on my camera yesterday.  What a great party!