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I caught adam in the kitchen trying to eat grapes. again.

PS: Obviously “deekie the monkey” is code for ADAM.

Grape Raspberry Jam

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Liv is peeling some grapes

grape peeling

Allison has started a jam making project.  Our grape vine went crazy this year and produced a couple gallons of grapes.  In addition to that, Allison has been working on a farm which gave her a big basket of raspberries.

Allison says that you have to peel each grape before putting it into the pot, so people were peeling grapes in the kitchen all day yesterday.  That was basically the main thing that was happening in the kitchen:  grape peeling.  The raspberries did not have to be peeled, as they do not really have a tough outer surface like grapes do.  Apparently the idea is that you take the grape peels and put them through the food processor and then you add them back in with the peeled grapes.  Nobody could provide a good answer for why you couldn’t just put the whole un-peeled grapes in the food processor.

There were a lot of grapes to be peeled.

There were a lot of grapes to be peeled.