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Gather ‘Round for Pee Stories Children

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Kat got away with peeing in her pants in a field while playing hide and seek during a rain storm while in the third grade. Nobody found her out until tonight.

Adam likes to read the Far Side in the bathroom. In the past, he theorizes that we all had more relaxed sphincter.

Kat is glad she doesn’t have anal leakage.

If Adam is having anal sex with someone he probably knows they have a good diet.

Laurel supposes that having a good diet is a good way to gain Adam’s attention re: anal sex.

Liv one peed through two feet of snow and made a hole all the way down.

What the Hell You Guys

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The Mystery of the Two Black Cats

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It is almost the one month anniversary of no one writing in the blog.

I have taken it upon myself to put off my thesis writing for a couple minutes to prevent us from the horrible embarrassment of not having a fully updated blog and to tell you a story about the some cats that have been hanging out on Putnam Ave as of late.

There are two cats that come by and peer into our lovely backyard on occasion. One of them is big and black with a rolling stomach that takes in rat after cat treat after bug after cat nip after bird (this fact has not been fact checked- in fact I have yet to see the fatter cat eat anything yet). The sex is undetermined. For now, I will assume that it is a she and will from here on refer to her as Mona de Momma. The second cat is a small scraggly young cat. He is a he. How do we know this? He has two small testicles. They are black and furry, just like him. He has been seen eating on many occasions. He has also been seen being very needy and wanting lots of love and attention. So much so that he will sit on your lap and prevent you from eating your nachos. He, on the other hand, does not like nachos. From now on, he will be referred to as Nacho.

What will happen to these cats? What are their fates? Do they have an owner? Will they continue to stop by Brambleberry Manor? These answers and more on the next session of Brambleberry Mystery Blog Theater.

We’re having a party!!

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That looks really good

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hey someone else better post some fucking material! seriously you guys come on! what you have better things to do?! oh argh

Cutta takes a ride on my backplane

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Melinda’s Monsters at Sister Sorel

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Tonight a number of us went to Sister Sorel in the South End for the opening reception for Melinda’s show, Melinda’s Monsters. Here are some pictures of the event.

MUAHA HA HA I am taking over Blake’s post and adding photos. ~Liv

Bathroom Reading for January

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I have restocked the first floor bathroom’s book selection.

Now available for your reading pleasure while using the first floor bathroom:

Seaguy by Grant Morrison and Cameron Stewart.  Excellent catch-up reading if you want to be ready for the 2nd story arc’s publication this year.  A horrible dystopian superhero cartoon featuring a talking cigar smoking hovering tuna fish and an evil Disney analogue owned by a giant eyeball that tortures a sentient living goo for soda pop & snack food while suppressing the secret of the ancient Egyptian civilization on the Moon.

Japanese Death Poems, which is basically a book of what the title says.  Many Japanese people have died, and a portion of those wrote a sentence or two about it.

In Search of VALIS, selections from Philip K. Dick’s exegesis.  Learn more about your world!  Includes the essay “I Understand Philip K. Dick” by the late and lovely Terence McKenna.

Desolation Jones by Warren Ellis and JH Williams III which is the story of an amoral super-powered constantly hallucinating ex MI6 intelligence agent private eye set against the backdrop of the gonzo pornography industry in modern day Los Angeles.

Dog Moon by Robert Hunter and Timothy Truman, one of the earliest DC Vertigo graphic novels, written by Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter.

So gorge yourself on a bunch of Jalapeño Poppers and Pabst,  get in there. and get shitting!

Sunday Afternoon at the Aquarium

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At first I thought it would be best to be reincarnated as a seal because I like how they glide on their backs and then stick their faces out of the water like little  beaming princes. They are so cute. But then I saw some seahorses that looked like they were having more fun. Now I’m just not sure.

Here are some photos from our trip. STAY TUNED FOR THE VIDEO MONTAGE!


Climb that Mountain

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On Saturday some of us went to climb some mountain.  It was fun and we all learned about metamorphic rock.




ok lunch time!

Liv is such a good drinker.

Liv is such a good drinker.