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This Party is a Food Party

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There are no pictures from me yet, but this party is definitely a food party.

Some parties are movie parties, some are drinking parties, and some are music parties. This one is all about food. And the Great State of Texas.

There will be both brisket and fajitas, home made tortillas (flour and corn), chili (vegetarian and meaty), and a slew of vegetables and desserts including (but not limited to) pecan pie, cherry cream pie, and cookies.

With any luck, we’ll have a licensed bartender to mix some drinks, and we can experiment with some of my home made schnapps and infusions.

I have high hopes for this party, and will be posting pictures as they become available.

Oh, and snow or no snow, blizzard or not, I WILL be barbecuing the meat. If I can barbecue in Texas during a hurricane, a little snow isn’t going to stop me.

I hope you can make it!

Not my cat, but this will be my cat’s racist costume for the party. Credit to

let’s hang these posters up on the internetz

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Brambleberry: the Interview Issue. #2: Emily McWilliams

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Philosophy Graduate Student
Q:  Can you tell me your three best albums or movies of 2010?

2010?!?!?!  Oh man.  That’s so recent.
So … the Method man and Red Man album.  Was that 2009 or 2010?  It was either fall of ’09 or spring of 2010 that this hip hop album came out and in either case beyond that I don’t know that I have anything to say.  The single track from that album that was popular was “A-yo”.  A, dash, Why,  Oh.  Method Man and Redman.  2009/2010. I’m not sure which year it came out.  But either way that’s the best hip-hop album of the year.  Beyond that I’m not sure, but that’s my answer.  A-yo is the single, and Method Man and Red Man are the artist.
Q:   What is it that philosophy is really trying to get to?

Um.  I would say that it’s a process of finding answers to fundamental questions.  Anyone who proposes to have a definitive answer to any given question has gotten something wrong, while anyone who proposes to have a refinement to any question that’s been posed, or to have a relevant distinction that informs the way we understand a question that has been posed is probably doing something correct.  It’s a process that outruns any given human life.
Q:  Tell us something about your time in New Orleans.

A: The most fantastic experience of American music that one can be privy to.  There are two times of the year in which people want to come down to New Orleans.  The one everyone thinks about is Mardi Gras.  The other one is Jazz Fest.  Far superior, but not recognized to be so.  It’s when New Orleans music is showcased and is the one time in the year considered to be the benchmark for blues, jazz, zydeco.  I would say that having lived there for 5 years, that’s the only time I felt connected to the city, in terms of musical roots.  If you go to Jazzfest and check out the Zydeco stage you’ll know what I mean by that.  Not that any one act stands out but that it’s the one pop culture event that’s capable of showcasing the  beginning… no, not the beginning, that’s not fair… that launching pad from which all American jazz originated, the closest thing you can now get to a launching pad from which American jazz originated.  I think that if you have a chance to attend some sort of cultural event in new orleans, Jazz Fest ought to be the thing that you choose.
Q: Do you get hammered at Jazz Fest??

A:  You do get hammered.  Part of the experience.  Eating food there.  All the sort of New Orleans cuisine showcases itself in this way that’s unique.  All kinds of people come out, you get a different crowd than you do at Mardi Gras when the population of the city triples with tourists.  You’re at the heart of things in a different way.
Q:  What are you working on right now that no one else has seen?

A: My goal is to find a way to bring a political philosophy and/or metaphysics to the world.  One or the other would be more than sufficient.  I’m not sure that either is likely to work but in either case I’ll be beyond satisfied and I think it’ll take more than 5 years to find out whether either path is worth pursuing.  If it is that’ll be very satisfying and if not that’s okay too.
Q:  Do you have time to read outside of academics?

A:  I spend my lunch hour, 30-50 minutes a day reading novels.  Recently I have been reading Edward Abbey.  I read his novel which is called A Desert Solitaire in college and more recently the novel he wrote before he died which is called An Honest Novel.  I’ve really been enjoying that.  I think that ultimately my goal is to see how far I can go down this garden path of incorporating philosophy and literature.  Maybe there isn’t far to go, no new paths to be forged, and if that’s the case I’ll be glad to have had the opportunity to have seen this.
Greg (interrupting, rudely):  You’re talking like this is the end of your life.
A: I’ll be 28 in like a week
Q:  No matter what age you are?  Gonna die.

A: Yeah I know it sucks either way right.
Q: It doesn’t have to suck.  It’s, like, the great mystery of life.

Emily: I’m not sure I want to solve the great mystery of life.  To survive the mystery would be better than solving it.
Q:  How many ice cream parlors have you lived over?  Did you seek them out?
A: I first lived over Christina’s and then I lived over Toscanini’s each for a year.  This year I live in Union Square, and I don’t live near any ice cream parlors.
Q: Was part of the reason you moved in because of the ice cream?

A: That would lend a better narrative but it isn’t the case.

Q: So in two different cases you answered an ad and then found that the apartment in the ad was over an ice cream parlor?

A: I got to know the owners, and the fact of being above one became beneficial in each case, but it was not the motivation.

Q:  What is a question you always wanted to ask Ian Harper?

A: When did he become interested in dancing and what were his subsequent influences in his development of learning to dance?
Q: What’s a question that if I had asked you it, you would have refused to answer it, on the grounds of you don’t want anyone to know the answer?

Fuck dude!  That’s the hardest question you’ve asked me.
I really don’t know (regretfully, apologetically).  That’s the question that I really don’t know the answer to.
Q: Who is Conan O’ Brien, and why is she so sad?

She?  You have some fucking biological shit wrong there.  Fundamentally, something’s gone wrong.  Conan O Brien?  he’s a guy!  He’s got a dick for sure, and balls.

Brambleberry: The Interview Issue. #1: Greg Chalson

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Seemingly always on the move, Greg Chalson is not the easiest man to track down.  But we have our ways of making him talk and talk he did.

Q :    Tell me the best three movies or albums of the last year?

A: Oh, okay…  I’d have to think a while back.  I pass.
Q: Tell us a story about when your dad was in the Merchant Marines.

A: He was second mate on a ship and apparently the officers and the crewmen had separate laundry rooms.  One of the crewmen thought it would be funny if they played a prank on the officers and he shit, he took a shit in one of the dryers in the officers’ laundry room.

They had a German captain who was very strict, very severe, and he gathered all the crewmen in the laundry room and said “I vant to know who put the shit in the dryer”.  No one spoke up.  “AGAIN.  I vant to know who put the shit in the dryer.”  And no one said anything, and the captain said “Fine.  We have ways of making you talk.”

So with all the crewmen standing there in this little room he just turned on the dryer with the shit in it, and the shit started to heat up until the stench was overwhelming and  the crew was vomiting left and right and someone finally stepped forward and confessed.  His punishment was he had to clean the dryer and that was the end of it.

Q:   How do you get the ideas for your rap verses?

A: I believe one has to rap about what one knows so the answer is I get them from you guys, you know, friends and families.

Q:   What is something you would not do, even if Nick Cave asked you to?

A: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….

Yeah that’s a good one…

I guess, I wouldn’t do… I wouldn’t do what Nick Cave asked me to do.

Q: Even if he said…

A: I wouldn’t do.. what he asked me to do, even if he asked me to do that.

Q:  What is a question you always wanted to ask Emily McWilliams?

A: Who is Conan O’ Brien, and why is she so sad?

Q:  What’s next for Greg Chalson?

A: What’s next?  Um, I don’t know.  I’m thinking I have to be a little more entrepreneurial.  I want to start a Greg brand of something.  Clothing or colognes.  Eau de Greg.  How many people have you interviewed?

Q: Just you.  Just one.  You’re the first one.  Have you thought of any movies or albums?

A: No.  I need… if I had a list.  I honestly can’t.  I really don’t.

That’s embarrassing.

Q: What’s a question that if I had asked you it, you would have refused to answer it, on the grounds of you don’t want anyone to know?

A: Anything that happened between January and August of last year.  I was in a really bad place.  Anything about the breakup or after the fact.  No comment.

Happy Robonukkah!

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Party Pictures!

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Oh hey I took some pictures at that party we had and then forgot about them until I found them on my camera yesterday.  What a great party!