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Cutta takes a ride on my backplane

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Our Magical Trip to IKEA

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Yesterday Kat, Liv, and I got a Zip Car pickup truck and drove to that Swedish domestic fantasy themepark:  IKEA.  Our mission:  Liv and Kat both needed chests of draw-ers (because you draw them out) and I wanted to check out their selection of picture frames.  It was very snowy on our way there.  I think Liv got some good pictures of the snow while we were driving, which maybe she’ll add later.  I was operating the motor vehicle and so as per standard operating safety procedure was not also operating a camera.  I did take this picture from the parking garage, though:

All that white stuff that looks kind of like film grain is really snow.

Kat and Liv tested some couches:

This one tasted like Candy Cane

But what about this orange couch why doesn't it taste like cream-sickles?

Next Liv read a traditional Swedish romance novel in a contemporary middle class Swedish living room.  In Sweden it is customary to display the prices of all of your furniture components in case any of your guests want to buy furniture from you.

A tale of two pale blond haired blue eyed lovers and the meatballs they ate.

We helped Kat size up the perfect lockable metal storage system for her to sleep in.  Kat likes to use space efficiently while also getting a secure night’s sleep.

The luxury model comes with a built in night time reading lamp.

Kat sampled the free invisible espresso.  IKEA cuts costs by requesting that customers provide their own invisible mugs and we short-sightedly left all our invisible drinking vessels in the car.

caution contents may be hot

Liv has been looking for a long time for the perfect mixing bowl to put her head into.  Could this one be the one?

looks a little too big to me

Tuckered out from a long day of pretending to live in well kept and nicely appointed assorted Swedish rooms, Liv and I enjoyed a complimentary invisible breakfast.

even the price tag is dishwasher safe

The end!